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The NUNA story is one that highlights the importance of giving back to one's community. It showcases the significant impact that NIFES associates are making in the lives of NIFES students in University of Port-Harcourt and beyond. Since its inception five years ago, the NIFES Uniport North America (NUNA) organization has been a champion for the actualization of the NIFES vision, which is "building tomorrow's leaders today". This means raising young community leaders who will foster growth and societal improvement.


In the last five years, NUNA has awarded tuition scholarships to about 60 students from the University of Port-Harcourt. We have also created tutorial programs for students, especially for courses that students find challenging. These young people are now seeing the need to help their peers to attain academic success.


NUNA has also created entrepreneurial grants for aspiring small business owners. This fund is already helping finance new businesses and create jobs and internships for Uniport students. But even for those prospective business owners who do not get the grant, they get professional advice on how to write a great Business Plan and they get .......MORE













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Convocation Arena, UNIPORT
The T.S, Bro Ikenna Onyegiri and students
2017 Scholarship Award Recipients
2017 NUNA Reunion in Atlanta, GA
2015 NUNA Scholarship recipients
Prof J. Ajienka, VC UNIPORT with NIFES officials
Prof Okoli with NUNA Scholarship recipients
NUNA Coordinator — Bro Hilary Ndudi




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2019 TOCSS Foundation Asitonka Ogan Education grant is now Open


NUNA National Project Award ₦500,000 Grant


NUNA Scholarship Awards of NGN50,000 each goes to 15 University of Port-Harcourt students


NIFES UNIPORT Alumni mentoring program


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